February 22nd, 2007

actually back - rumours of my demise, yadda.

Okay, so Monday was abit of a stretch... mostly 'cuz my internet provider sucks and didn't connect me right and on time.
But I'm writing this on my own computer in my own home, so this is majorly good now.

I'm catching up on flist (you may expect some weird untimely comments on old posts, that's just me being overexcited with having lj back). Also catching up on some tv shows... So try and not spoil me for a while yet, kay? Thx :).

Generally, easing back in and trying not to overdo.

In other news, winter break ends this weekend and Monday is back to school for Noelia. I'm kinda excited. I'm apparently alone in that view, but hey.

In completely other news... Polish TV is showing Veronica Mars, the first season. Weird midday hours, but I'm TiVoing it, and watching it in the evening with my mother, who got kinda hooked. And also, after about 10 episodes, she solved the murder case. I mean... huh? I asked if she knew somehow, from a tv guide or whatever (I don't really think my mother would hunt the internet for spoilers. a) she doesn't know what a spoiler is and b) we didn't have the net connection). She didn't. Solved in on her own. I'm slightly scared now.
If they show the second season, I'll challenge her to solve the bus crash mystery. Because seriously...

friends cut

gosh, it kind of hurts to even type those words.

Yes, the cut I knew I'll be making at some point finally came round... I simply have too huge of a flist - it's a good thing sometimes, because I love all you guys madly, but also it means I have no time to give all your posts the attention they deserve...

So. Cut loads of communities, but also, unfortunately, few people. I set myself a simple rule. If I don't recognize a username... Tough, but it had to be done at some point.

If you were here for my graphics, check _thepleiades where I post anything I make. If you want to keep me on your flist, feel absolutely free.

Anyway, thanks for everything.