February 23rd, 2007

(no subject)

Dear iTunes,
I love your shuffle function, but please don't randomnly come up with the Smurfs theme when I'm reading Giles/Xander pr0n.

Dear Myself,
Why the heck do you have the Smurfs theme on the playlist at all? You baffle me sometimes, and I am you.

In other stuff: look! New layout. God bored with component finally, and this is temporary until I figure something better out, but Jo! Pretty!

In other other stuff:
Men! Kissing! Weee!
That Texas clip with Alan Rickman (and why do I learn about it only now?)
John Barrowman snogs the Marias (which you have all probably seen already but I haven't and weeeeee!)
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    the Smurfs theme. argh.