April 26th, 2007



1. Having my period.

2. Megaupload. You stop my CSI:NY download at 99% and *then* you don't allow me to download again because I'm not a premium user, or I'm in a wrong country, or something and I don't know WHAT exactly because you speak to me in GERMAN for some reason. HATE.

3. Torrents. What do you mean TWENTY DAYS?

4. Fox. Seriously. Drive? Awesome. Fox? BASTARDS.

5. My writing abilities. I SUCK AND THAT'S SAD.

Hokay. Capslock helps. Thank you for your attention. Feel better now. Now, to balance things out:


1. Doctor Who. My love for this show has no limits.

2. Jane Austen season, especially Persuasion. And I'm not even talking about ASH, for once. (although I kinda am, too)

3. Long weekend. Well... Two weekends and an entire week in between. FREE. HEEEEE.

4. My maleslashminis assignment. I may suck at writing it at the moment, but the assignment is brilliant. And since I have the long weekend, I'll just work on it hard and it will be awesome.

5. *would* LOVE anyone who'd write me a Giles/Xander harlequin fic. Oh, come on. We're not worse than Smallville, or Stargate Atlantis, right? Regency era! Pirates! Ice-skaters! Office romance! Please? I have birthday on 30th May and I would love you forever and give you my firstborn if I ever actually reproduce and you'd want that hellish spawn for a mysterious and evil reasons of your own.

Think about it. Giles. Xander. Harlequin. GOLD.