July 13th, 2007

Scotland weeeee!

Well, some 'weeeee' at least. Some 'meh'. Some 'awesome' and some 'huh' as well.

I'm here. In Edinburgh. It's beautiful. It's also helluva expensive, especially flat-wise. Money melting quickly.

I have a job, though. Job requires me to help guys try on kilts. BEST JOB EVER. It also involves other things, but I remain concentrated on the important stuff, as always.

Bookshops are awesome. Money melting quicker.

Generally it's fun, apart from other people whining and wanting to go home. (Seriously. It's my first real job and my first real holidays on my own, and I am panicking like hell all the time, but at least I keep it it myself and don't bother others with constant constant WHINING. Yes, I am bitter. I am also too polite to tell them off myself, so... sorry for venting to you).

Someone stop me from buying a sonic screwdriver.

(I bought Giles and Wesley action figures and am doing some fanfic reenactments. FUN. Too bad clothes don't come off).

See you next time I have net access.