September 23rd, 2007

Things to squee about.

1. New printer/scaner/xerox machine. LOVELY.

2. Found a place that sells moleskine notebooks. Am currently fangirling office supplies... might get over it, but probably not.

3. GOT A JOB. I'm teaching English in a proper language school, and to do it even before getting my BA? Awesomeness. Will look absolutely fabulous on my resume, too, and beats private tutoring in the salary department.

4. Have a new blog-thingy. About my studies and my work and why I have a love/hate relationship with both. Expect a lot of English nerd-iness.

5. Released my first book in bookcrossing. HEEE.

6. Mom is going to be out for tonight/tomorrow, so watching dvds on the big screen downstairs, pizza and other unhealthy food YAY.

7. My tv shows start this week. YAY again.

8. They finally god the Daily Show on Polish TV (Global Edition).

No one ever suspects the Hufflepuff

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If everything goes according to plan (damn it. I probably jinxed it now…), I will be teaching three groups this semester.

So far, I have only had classes with one, the Kids. (Two other groups have college students in them, which means they will start in October, which is when the academic year starts over here)

It’s a small group, just six of them, but they are incredibly fun, and I will probably blog about them all the time.

First, there is Sarcasm Impersonated. All of the kids are around twelve years old in age, but his sarcasm, cynicism and dark wit could probably rival that of a tired forty years old. Complete with a collection of heavy metal-oriented t-shirts, flannel shirts and attitude. I don’t think he has a ’nice’ setting, but the remarks are cracking me up constantly.

Second, Hermione. Hand constantly up, and an attitude to rival that of Sarcasm Impersonated. Redhead, too, and every bit as temperamental as it says on the tin. Assigned to SI in pair-work results in buckets of fun, but also may explode.

Third, Beaver. For the amazing eagerness (not so with the Hermionesque know-it-all hand-up attitude, but with the cheerfull trying-to-do-his-best that is quite endearing).

Fourth, the Ladies’ Man. Always charming, always nice, always sitting with one of the girls. Had been declared a Soul Mate by one of the girls in the very first class. Will grow up to be quite a heartthrob, you can tell that now.

Fifth, the Hufflepuff Sisters. One twelve, one ten, but bright and on the similar language level. Big brown eyes, the both of them. Like twin Bambis. Disneyesque princess’ cheerfulness and charm. Wouldn’t be surprised if cartoon blue birds helped them get dressed up oin the mornings… Though, on the second class, during an exercise that consisted of designing a ZOO, they were both quite determined to put zombies in their ZOO.

All in all, should be fun…