September 30th, 2007

Without me it's just aweso

Busy. Terribly. With work and studies starting, I have been neglecting LJ. Sorry.

Updated the other blog, if anyone is interested. I won't be reposting here anymore, but from time to time you'll get a notice that it's updated...

Declustered my desk and working space, and right now everything is pretty and organised, with ready post-it notes and highlighters and index tabs... Will pass around the end of November. it always does.

Will be starting to teach a new group on Tuesday, bunch of Intermediate twenty-somethings. Should be fun. Wish me luck.

Caught up on *most* of the new TV, but don't have the time to squee, unfortunately. Just a shot-out to CSI:NY credits. Nowadays, in the post-Lost credits desert, I love every show which *does* credits at all. New CSI:NY credits are just awesomely awesome.

Randomly. Need some 'teaching' or 'teacher' icon. Because I'm a dork.