December 16th, 2007

CSI:NY and SPN - shows that make me cry my eyes out.

Seriously, New York, you are the good boyfriend show. You make me laugh, you are fun and hot and occasionally very disturbing but always in the entertaining, cracktastic way. You drive fast cars, have sex against a wall, do tricks with roses and sometimes like to play Die Hard.

We have a good thing going, you and I. I fangirl you like crazy, and you don't pull any crazy stuff.

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And you, Supernatural. You know I love you. You're the most perfect show every - you give me something pretty every week, and you make me overexcited about lore, literary tropes, themes and mythology.

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There apparently were some other shows this week, but I don't care. And I think me and the CSI Vegas will be breaking up, because I fail to care.