December 30th, 2007

WTF, world?

Things that baffle me:

1. Reading Die Hard 4.0 slash. I know people will slash everything, but Die Hard slash? Really? And why is it so AWESOME?

2. Also reading, youletide fics. And discovering Polish translations SUCK. Which I knew before, BUT they apparently change names of the characters in Polish versions. Valancy and Barney of L.M.Montgomery's Blue Castle? They were Joanna and Edward for me. Faith Meredith? Unexplicably became Flora. Sure, the name of Faith doesn't exactly exist in Polish, but no one in their right mind would call their daughter Flora either. And it's not like James, Walter, Una, or Rilla are existing Polish names. PLEASE.
Confuse me more, I live for that.

3. Why is there so little Thoughtcrimes fic in this world? Someone needs to do something about it.

4. Why isn't there more CSI:NY Flack/Taylor fic? This is an awesome pairing, people.