February 1st, 2008

CSI is all the rave

so, AXN started Vegas s8, and on 6th march it will start Miami s6 and New York s4. Add it to the s3 of Miami and s2 of New York on Polsat, and s6 ending and s7 of Vegas beginning on TVP2. And the tie-in novels started to come out, and the games... Poland is well into the CSI obsession.

That means, of course, that stars of the shows start to appear on the TV guides' covers. Which leads me to the WTF moment of the day: Who, in the name of everything unholy, thought it was a good idea to aibrush Melina Kanakaredes so she has no distinguishing facial features? I recognised her only because I know the photo! (and well, because it said it was Melina on the cover).

Yes, she's not sixteen, and yes, she has a few lines on her face, but she's so amazingly beautiful... at least, in theory she is. Because on the cover, she looks like a plastic statue fom Madame Toussand.

YES, angry. Because aaargh.

In more positive news, finally watched Tin Man. Weeeeee, Cain/DG ftw. gimme fic.

Also, hetfic_minis started off, with Buffy pairings in the first round. Go, check it out if you hadn't before. I'm so excited!