February 3rd, 2008

Fics to-do list.

Ficathons and fests:
*Due 8.02: for choc_fic, Discworld, Ella Saturday/Susan : smut - dark rituals. (almost finished, needs some editing. Writing femslash porn with footnotes is amusing.)
*Due 10.02: for maleslashminis, fic for Simon round. (started, 300 words in)
*Due 10.02: for femslash_minis, fic for Slayers & Potentials round. (got assignment, love it, have good ideas)
*Due 17.02: for hetfic_minis, fic for Buffy round. (assignments will be sent tomorrow, and I'm so excited!)
*Due 02.03: for 'Every Slayer Needs a Watcher' Buffy/Giles fic. (have plan. It might be longer than my usual one-shots.)

Plot bunnies and planned fics:
*Tin Man, Cain/DG. (Queen and a soldier. How to get an almost happy ending. Started, stalling for when I don't have fics due in few days)
*woman!Giles/Xander genderswitch. (And here's to you, Mrs Giles. And here's to me, going to hell, kthxbye)
*Giles/Faith wishverse. (It is going to be awesome. If only in my head)
*CSI:NY Taylor/Flack (trust issues and bad puns and strange cases, oh my!)

What? I said I'm going to actually write and post stuff this year. And am doing well so far, right? 6 fics, and counting. And that's probably about the number of fic I wrote last *year* (not counting original or rpg fic, but I'm not counting that)

And if I manage to write it all? I will... dunno, probably do an interpretative dance of win. And bake cookies.

In other news, the last pimp of hetfic_minis that you'll have to endure for this round :D *pimps*