March 1st, 2008

February Fic Round-up

I'm getting more prolific each month, that's good. I've also entered the uncharted waters of writing in Polish...


Patterns, CSI:NY, Sheldon Hawkes, Sheldon/OFC. Written for choc_fic.

Chinese Whispers, BtVS, Giles, Giles/Faith, wishverse AU.

After the Ever After, Discworld, Susan/Ella. Written for choc_fic. With footnotes.

Love Will Leave You Bruised, BtVS, Buffy/Faith, wishverse. Written for femslash_minis.

Stuck With You for a While, AtS/FFly, Simon/Wesley. Written for maleslashminis.

A Story of Shoes and Cookies, BtVS, Buffy/Giles implied, post-Chosen. Written for hetfic_minis


Gluchy Telefon, BtVS, Giles, Giles/Faith, wishverse. Polska wersja 'Chinese Whispers'.

Zasady Korzystania z Komputerow w Bibliotece, BtVS, Xander, Giles, post-Chosen.

Fic: Burn the bridges as you cross them (Giles, Giles/Faith)

Title: Burn the bridges as you cross them
Characters/Pairings: Giles, Faith, Giles/Faith, with Buffy, Jenny, and Ethan.
English version of Spal za soba wszystkie mosty, written for day 2 of multifandom_pl ficathon.
Spoilers/Warnings: It's strange and dark, and my head is a weird place. Post-Chosen, possibly, comics could be taken into account, but not necessarily.

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