April 9th, 2008

Fics to-do list.

I need the reminder :D

Ficathons and fests:

Giles h/c ficathon:
1. For April 27: Giles/Buffy; any point post-S3 to post-Chosen, Buffy cares for Giles when he's injured in battle. Any rating so long as it's plausible compared to the injuries suffered.
2. For April 28: Xander; gen or pairing; post-Chosen, Xander is either injured in the line of duty or catches random tropical virus #298 while in Africa. Giles takes care of him.
3. For April 30: Giles/Faith; Giles injured protecting a surprised Faith.
4. For May 3: Giles/Wesley; post-Gift.

For May 17, gilesxander ficathon fic.

For May 30 spring_with_xan fic (or graphics, but I think fic)

For dunno-when-yet, summer_of_giles fic.


Story following Rules of the smuggling business, set in the same verse, Giles and Xander (probably Giles/Xander)

Pr0n sequel to Singularity, demanded requested by cala_jane

Porn battle with novin_ha, at rynshtock. Two down, nine to go. (Written in Polish, will translate into English at some point in the future.)

An AtS Office AU. blame novin_ha for that, too.

CSI:NY Taylor/Flack (trust issues and bad puns and strange cases, oh my!) WILL WRITE FINALLY.

And others, we'll see.