April 16th, 2008

small world.

Me and cala_jane, walking down the street. And there is unexpected!pellamerethiel. Two minutes later, a tram comes by, and there's unexpected!kubis

I love this city.

Also, Krakowian part of my flist. Would you be interested in a larger party, quite possibly with drinking and watching Buffy and/or Angel? Next weekend, or other convenient time?

(provided no one is plotting my murder again. kubis, you can have the SPN poster. My dvds are already promised to someone in my last will, so there ;) Anyone wants the dog, feel free, he just ate my Darth Maul comic book)

forgive me, English-speaking flist,

this one is in Polish. (One of the very few you'll see)

Ktokolwiek zainteresowany/ogląda Law and Order: SVU? Mam do oddania w dobre ręce sezon czwarty tegoż serialu, wydanie oryginalne, francuskie, ale z angielskim dźwiękiem i napisami.

(Mama kupiła mi we Francji, bo ja chciałam CSI:NY, a ona myślała, że to to, bo francuski tytuł to New York Unite Speciale ;D)

Nie będę zaczynać nowego serialu, zwłaszcza od czwartego sezonu ;D, więc chętnie sceduję :)

(W polskie ręce, bo tańsza przesyłka/dostarczenie ;D)

Koment, albo sms ;D

now returning you to your regularly scheduled flist, thank you :)