April 23rd, 2008

4 years!

I have created this journal exactly four years ago.

In this time, I made 687 entries and 5,665 comments. I made hundreds of icons (probably close to thousands, and most of them Giles or Fred). I wrote dozens of fics.

I made friends whom I adore, and met people whom I admire. (Yes, You, dear Flist.)

Livejournal made my laugh, and cry, and flail, and squee, and try to be articulate and smart, and be completely silly.

Livejournal, and my flist, helped me to become more open-minded and more confident. It convinced me my writing is worth something, and made me try making fanart.

Checking my flist is always the first thing I do after turning on the computer. You guys had become a great part of my life, and I'm grateful.

Thank you :)

Here's to the next forty.