June 17th, 2008

Stumbling towards graduation.

Subjects signed off: 4/8
Final exams: 3/5
Final projects finished: 4/4
Thesis status: DONE. Tomorrow will take it to the place where they will bind it and put a nice cover on it.
Days left till the Zero Hour: 13
Teaching Practice: what is teaching practice? DONE forever, kthxbye.

The Skills exam today (consisting of Reading and Use of English) was incredibly easy. Or deceptively easy. But I finished an hour before the end, and with a certainty that I did well.

Day after tomorrow, literature. To which I should go and revise. Or, well, xerocopy my notes for the rest of the group and go through them highlighting the stuff we actually did in classes, and which isn't my additional studies for the MA entrance exam. Because I am a nice person. Sigh.

Tomorrow, Speaking. To which I refuse to study, because, please. I'll ace it.