July 3rd, 2008

CSI:NY, Mac Taylor, and season 1

I've just finished rewatching season 1, and I think, for the very first time I actually watched it in order, with not a one episode missing, not a scene lost. I've started watching CSI:NY from the later half of season 2 (Fare Game, to be exact), and then made up for the first half, and the first season, out of order, the way I could find the episodes online.

And season 1 loses a lot, while watched out of order. Yes, this is a typical procedural, and therefore each episode stands very much on its own (apart from some longer arcs, but even then you don't get all that much confused). But season 1 is not only about plots and murders, no. Season one is very much about loss and grief and Mac Taylor.

(And I think that, even though I adore Flack the most, and regard him as my tv boyfriend, I love Mac so completely, I might be watching this series for him.)

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