July 14th, 2008

you know I have holidays...

when I spend two hours making a Giles wallpaper (for Summer of Giles, so you'll see it tomorrow ;P).

Two hours. And now I regard it as the most perfect thing I have ever done and it is fantastic.

I'll probably hate it in few days, but now I just sit and stare. Hee.

(Hopped on candy, too, if that explains anything...)

CSI:NY season 3: past, ripples, and consequences.

It's the little things, they always come back to bite you, Mac says, and it's the one sentence that sums up this season perfectly. The little things, the great things, the past always comes back, the consequences of your actions and inactions, the ripples coming from the smallest deeds, the cause and effect, always. Past doesn't stay buried. It waits to be stirred.

Season three is incredibly strong thematically and, as Mac also says, Collapse )