August 16th, 2008

fictional might trump real, though.

1. In my fictional love life, I am still obsessed with Jim Gordon (as played by Gary Oldman, clearly, Nolanverse). Bought Batman Begins today, and made a great deal (19.99 zl, which means about 10 dollars, which is much, much less than I would have payed if I bought it when it actually came out).
Still obsessed with Bruce/Gordon, too (which I prefer to Batman/Gordon, actually), and yes, I know some of you grumbled about Harvey/Bruce, but I don't care. You know me, I never go for the obvious. Also, my pairing is clearly canon, too. Most of the pairings in Batmanverse are :P

2. In real life, I actually caught up to the fact that a guy I thought might have been flirting with me for the last year and a half has indeed been flirting with me. I'm slow like that. (I'll probably miss any marriage proposals coming my way if they won't be offered repeatedly and with subtitles. No, seriously.)