August 28th, 2008

Hello, flist,

time for a bit of Real Life News. (I will return to spamming you with Gordon/Bruce very promptly.)

Interview went well, I am apparently Very Qualified. And Generally Awesome, clearly. (I was right that learning languages was The Way To Go, Mom, See? Ha.) I have time till Monday to decide if I want the job. It pays about 20% better than my previous (current?) job, so I'm clearly tempted, even though Teaching Small Children Scares Me Shitless (I'm okay once they're able to read. Before that, they're strange little mutants).

Thank you all who kept their fingers crossed, and thank you for all the good vibes and wishes :). Love you, guys.

Also, drunk coffee today, and It Was Not A Good Idea. Who knew that my doctor was right?

Picked up Breaking Dawn from the bookstore, so once I finish new Night Lights chapter, I'm off to try and break my brain with that.