September 8th, 2008

Hello, Monday, how was your summer? I didn't miss you at all.

Ennui. Stuff to be done, errands to be run, and generally, the daily madness is back with vengeance.
And so, I choose to concentrate on positives.

1. Started new series of a Gordon/Bruce kind. It has bypassed obsession and heading straight for the insanity, but it brings me joy and really awesome dreams, so there's no reason for complaints (unless you have no interest in it whatsoever, and I'm spamming your flist with it daily. Sorry?)

2. I have new shoes. They are a cross between hooker shoes and schoolgirl shoes, which pleases me to no end. And, even though the heels are much higher than my usual kind, they are sturdy and stable which means I don't fall every three steps, which is An Improvement.

3. As the day has been chilly, I put on my new blue sweater, and gods, do my boobs look awesome in it, or what? (100% of builders agree, and I'm inclined to accept their professional opinion.)

4. Posted graphics for heroes_bigboom, and they are pretty (at least I think so, don't harsh my mellow if you disagree). Also, go read the story that they were made for, as it is Made of Awesome.

5. I am making seventeenth cardboard clock today. About fifteen more to go. That is not a positive, but I just wanted to say that, in case you need to know what to blame when I get escorted to a padded cell. If that occurs, my books and dvds go to... you know what? Fight it out among yourselves. First person to kill someone with a spork, wins.