November 5th, 2008

Because contrary to what it may seem, my life is not all about NaNo ;D

1. A certain tv show about a certain doctor made my pairing kind of canon three weeks after I decided I don't ship them anymore. Typical.

2. Long weekend ahead, I'm greatly excited.

3. I can't wait to go to the shooting range again.

4. New Dollhouse Promo. Squeee.

5. Dog is being nice and quiet and trails after me whenever I go, and when I set down with my laptop, he lies without a fuss at the end of the bed. Strange.

6. We have trees planted in the garden!

7. Merlin is one of the most fun series I've seen in a while. And I might just be shipping Uther/Morgana. Is it very wrong of me, or just typical?