January 13th, 2009

in which Noelia rambles about her job.

You know, sometimes I realise with a certain worry that I might be quite good at my job. It's terrifying.

For those who don't know: I make my living teaching beginner and pre-intermediate English, mostly to kids and pre-teens. It's more of a job to see me through my studies, and not something permanent.

But you know, I kinda like it. And when I see things like today, when a kid threw a temper tantrum because his mother told him he won't be able to come to class next time because they're going to some family wedding... I realise the kids might like the lessons too.

And I'm not even nice to them, that much. I threaten that I'll stab them in the eye with my sparkly pen if they misbehave, for god's sake (I subsrcibe to Susan Sto Helit school of teaching, yes).

But I also draw hamster!Batman on the whiteboard, dance like an Egyptian, discuss the Harry Potter fics they write (no slash yet, but I'm patient), and show them Doctor Who.

The fact that I sometimes have a mind and interests of a twelve-years old, helps.

And you know, four years ago at the thought of teaching anyone anything I would stab myself with my sparkly pen.