February 8th, 2009

(no subject)

So, I was going to write for at least half a day, but basically, today I have the attention span of something easily distracted. Sentences get away from me and change not only the tenses (that's normal with me), but also the POV right in the middle.

Yes, fine, the three cups of coffee (I'm normally allowed about none) I consumed probably have something to do with this, but screw it, I'm declaring this day a Hop Noelia On Caffeine Day. No, you don't have to participate, I'm doing fine on my own. It's 10pm, and I'm not sleepy like usual, but flail flail flailing. And retyping every word I type about three times because, yeah.

Sleep is for wusses anyway.

I'll go an watch Criminal Minds instead. I love this show. It convinces me that everyone would try to kill me given half a chance, because everyone is a psychopath. And that you shouldn't leave your house, except that people will try to come and kill you in your own house too. Also, FYI, Gideon needs to shut the hell up.

I am also watching the Nate And His Issues Show (also known, for some strange reason, as Leverage), and the Cal Lightman And His Issues Show (Lie To Me, which is awesome, and you should watch it. Tim Roth rocks my whatever.) Developed girlcrushes on both Sophie and Jillian, because the men are idiots, and the women are awesome (on those shows. Although women are awesome in general.)

Speaking of women and awesome, Because We're Awesome Drabble-athon run by the ever fabulous medie. Plenty of pretty prompts, go and check it out and play and spread the word of its awesomeness.

Speaking of women and awesome, Polish flist living/residing/visiting Krakow, there is a discussion panel held in Massolit on Feb 19th, on the Polish feminism, and waves ;D. Anyone going with me?