March 18th, 2009

I have new shoes.

My new shoes are very pretty. Red, and suede, and with a wide strap around the ankle. And high-heeled, while not exactly incredibly high, high enough for me to feel just slightly wobbly but very awesome indeed.

In other news, I'm participating in multifandom_pl 7/7 ficathon, which is why you, my dear foreign flist, had not heard from me in a while, but you will soon, when I spam you with all the fics I wrote (and will write) for the ficathon as I translate them into English.

Also, spring, which means really unstable weather. Snow to sunshine to wind from hell to rain to mist, I really don't get it, and I really, really can't figure out what clothes to wear. The trunk of my car now has five pairs of shoes in it, one jacket, one scarf, one umbrella, and two hats, just in case.

I might have started to become obsessed with shoes. High time to do so, actually. :)