April 14th, 2009

Easter with the family, over.


Mom might be finalising her divorce with my father, to which I'm saying fucking FINALLY, because they've been separated for six years now, and in those six years he called me ONCE, and so I'm all for Mom actually moving on.

Uncle J (78) is having an affair with an 82 years old widow. Aunt W (83) is not amused. The entire family is torn between going WTF and mad glee at the gossip potential.

Grandpa's surgery went very well, there's no remission, and even though he has still some therapy to go through, we're actually very optimistic.

Operation Let's Get Noelia Married seems to have stalled, much to my relief, because everyone seems more interested in my studies than in my love life. No attempts to set me up with eligible sons of friends and neighbours were observed, and some of the relatives were positive about my desire to start another MA course in autumn. I'm suspecting an alien invasion and my family being replaced with pod people, and I kind of love it.