April 28th, 2009

sometimes I actually enjoy my job.

Kid #1: And then Troy knocked him up.
Noelia: He did what?
Kid #2: Knocked him up?
Noelia: I think you mean out. Knocked out.
Kid #1: There's a difference?
Noelia: *aside* Yeah, different fic warnings.

Group: *draws animals and describes them with five chosen adjectives*
Kid #3: *draws a pig*
Kid #3: *writes: superstrong. superfast. superspider*
Noelia: Erm, what?
Kid #3: This pig used to be a normal pig, but it got bitten by a radioactive spider, and now it's a Spiderpig, and it fights crime.
Noelia: *interested* Where does the web come from?
Kid #3: *cheerfully draws straight lines coming from the spiderpig's ass*

Noelia: If I don't have silence in three seconds, I will stab you in the eye with a pretty glittery pencil.
Kid #4: Really?
Kid #5: I think Miss is kidding. She doesn't have a glittery pencil.
Kid #4: Yeah, but she can still stab me with a normal pen.
Noelia: Trufax. Not as visually pleasing but not less effective.
Kid #5: I think Mrs M has a glittery pencil. I can go to her office and bring it.

Kid #6: Yeah, I used to like Dragonball, but I was young and stupid.
Noelia: You are TEN.
Kid #6: Yeah, and I was nine then.