May 1st, 2009


1. I have five invite codes, comment with your e-mail if you are interested. (comments screened for that very purpose) ETA: gone. if I have more, I will let you guys know :)

2. I am here on Dreamwidth, feel free to friend. For now, I will crosspost all the fics/graphics and stuff to both places, while some private entries will remain LJ-only unless I feel like crossposting them too. All polish entries will remain on LJ for now.

3. In future, if fandom moves to Dreamwidth, as I kind of hope it will, I will slowly be moving over there, we'll see how it goes. I like it better than LJ, to be honest, but I'm not moving completely until more of my flist moves. In any case, all the fics and graphics will still be crossposted here, though I may move the commenting to DW, to keep the responses in one place :)

website/fic archive.

I've spent half a day creating a website/fic archive, for backup (in case LJ explodes one day) and for easy access, especially to all those series of stories that suddenly appeared to be around 15000 words...

It's here, and for now has all my fics in English that I still admit to having written. I'll add the Polish fics at some point, but now I'm just too tired :D.

(If you see any issues with the page, sth doesn't work for you or whatnot, please let me know :)).