May 19th, 2009

Noelia loves her job, continued.

We're playing Taboo (a vocabulary game where you have to describe a given word without using some other words, like explain 'cinema' but not say 'movie, film, popcorn, watch').
Kid 1: Uther.
(I am actually certain he said 'other', but it did sound like 'Uther' and we had been watching Merlin with this group)
Kid 2: Queen!
Noelia: He kind of is. And a fabulous one at that.

Kid 3: I bought batteries, and they gave me a free Batman tattoo. I thought you might like it, Miss.
Noelia: Oh, thank you. You don't want it?
Kid 3: Nah, I mean, I'm too old for this crap.
Noelia: ...

Noelia: *writing examples of the second conditional sentences on the board* If I were you, I would do what captain Kirk says.
Kid 1: Kirk? Like in Star Wars?
Noelia: NO. LIKE IN STAR TREK. Have I taught you nothing? Han Solo is in Star Wars, Kirk is in Star Trek. Do I have to write a chart?
Kid 1: Will that be on the test?
Kid 4: Aren't we supposed to study English?
Noelia: Probably, but I can't have you leave this class without knowing the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek, for heaven's sake.

Noelia: I need to leave the classroom for a moment. Please work on the exercise, and don't make too much noise, and I won't have to kill you.
Kid 2: *thoughtfully* I think Miss is kidding about the killing.
Noelia: No, I'm not.
Kid 2: Oh. Really?
Noelia: No.
Kid 2: Just when I think I know when Miss is joking...
Kid 5: You never can tell when Miss is joking. Her humour is different than our humour.
Noelia: It's called sarcasm, just look it up.
Kid 2: Can I please get the dictionary, Miss?
Noelia: ...