June 3rd, 2009

Noelia loves her job, the saga continues.

Kid #1: Miss, Miss, I saw the Star Trek movie, and I have some questions.
Noelia: Is this a ruse to get out of revising conditionals today?
Kid #1: Erm. Yes?
Noelia: Fair enough. What questions?

Noelia: Eva, could you read this paragraph?
Darek: *starts reading*
Noelia: Darek, since when is your name Eva?
Darek: Since two days ago. I haven't told my parents yet, I'm trying to prepare them for the shock.
Noelia: ... carry on.

Eva: *draws something*
Noelia: Is it relevant to our lesson?
Eva: Probably not. It's a Mountain Lemming. It says mwuhuhuhu.
Noelia: Shouldn't it be mwahahaha?
Eva: No. Mountain Lemmings have a different dialect, where the vowels are shifted.
Noelia: Oh.