September 18th, 2009

Noelia loves her job, again.

New school year has started, and I do have new students, and they are all awesome (I'll get back to you if this opinion changes, but for now, coming back to work is FUN.)

New group, all girls, last year of Junior High, preparing for the final test (srs bsns.)

N: How old are you, Miss?
Noelia: Well.
K (with whom I had classes last year): I know, I know!
Noelia: Oh?
K: But I'm clearly not telling, for I value my life.
Noelia: Well done.

A: Are we going to have tests?
Noelia: Of course not, I'm going to evaluate you on the merit of how good your hair looks.
A: Really?
Noelia: *facepalm*
K: Miss does that thing she thinks is funny when it's not.
Noelia: It's called sarcasm, you'll learn to appreciate it with time.
N: I thought we were learning English.
Noelia: I weep for future generations.

Old group, kids, but with some new students.

Noelia: A, if you don't stop interrupting me, I'm going to do something drastic.
E: Miss always says that. She never really does anything.
A: She threw a paper plane at me last year.
E: Yes, but she threatened to stab you with a pencil, I don't think it's the same thing.
Noelia: They forbid me to kill students in the first week, it's tragic.
New kids: ...
E: Miss says that a lot. She always lies.
Noelia: I lie a lot. Unless it's about English or tests. I'm dead serious about this.
E: And about people not touching her crayons without permission.

E: *surveys my drawing on the board suspiciously* Is that Batman?
Noelia: No. Not everything I do is about Batman.
E: *still looks suspicious*
Noelia: I'm also into Star Trek, very much recently.
E: *thoughtfully* There's that one that has ears like Batman.
Noelia: ... yes. He does.

I'm very proud of those kids, really. Happy to be back, too.