September 20th, 2009

[sw] atat :: headdesk

oh, sithspit.

So, I was just reading up on that possible Star Wars life-action series that slypiotrek referenced, and I kinda sorta clicked links and I kinda sorta read up on the entirety of the Second Galactic Civil War, and now I need to read the books, because Wedge <3

(And one quote broke me, just one quote, about Tycho and Wedge wearing different uniforms and OMG NO, don't do this to me!)

And then I kinda, sorta, realised that I already have two of the Legacy of the Force novels on my shelf, as I bought them a while ago and promptly forgot.

DAMNIT, and I thought I gave up EU. And I need a new Star Wars obsession like I need a hole in my head; it will go very nicely with my current Star Trek and still existing Batman obsessions. Shoot me, don't set on stun.