October 6th, 2009

[st] xi :: gaila/uhura :: femslash

the state of me, randomly.

I got into the postgrad programme I wanted. Now I will not have a single free day till August. I'm surprisingly happy about this, but it may be that I'm high on chocolate I just had.

The classes start next week, but the classes for the MA English Lit (my last year, I'm both excited and sad) start this week. My class schedule sucks and blows but that will not stop me from being excited.

Work is hectic, like every time the new school year starts, but I love the kids I have this year, they're an entertaining bunch.

I'm behind on a lot, especially flist and fics and tv, but I'll make up for it as things begin to slow down. Which may be next year.

Love you, flist <3