January 31st, 2010

porn battle fics, vol 3.

1. Puns always intended, White Collar, Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke, hotel.

2. Things unsaid, Batman (Nolanverse), Bruce Wayne/Jim Gordon, shield.

3. And if you want me, I'm your country, White Collar, Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke, mine.

And I'm done with the porn battle, it's been a blast. Now: au_bigbang Kirk/McCoy White Collar AU, and the help_haiti fic for inell are in the works.

Then, finishing up Both Sides Now (I am beginning to see the first part of the prelude to the beginning of the end ;D), then Neal Caffrey/Chuck Bartowski fic for lunatics_word, working on the 'I'd give up forever', and White Collar/Batman femslash with Diana/Renee... and then we'll see. kubis made a list of the fics I have lined up. I think it's well into double digits.

This is an awesome year ;D