March 21st, 2012

Aten't dead

Saw Hunger Games today on a special showing and omg, the movie does deliver. (More later, or not, because I forget and then become busy and then forget and then sleep. Or caffeinate and not sleep.)

In other news, I have been quiet lately, because of reasons.

Reasons: MA thesis (argh why, except I love my topic, but argh why), lectures, work, translations, conference papers (next week I'm going to Germany to deliver a presentation on cheerleaders. It required, absolutely required, watching Bring it On series FOR SCIENCE.), more conference papers proposals, maybe establishing my own business, building my mother's company website and e-shop, maintaining business correspondence with France and China for mom's company, taking up extra teaching hours for my university and teaching students English on a volunteer basis, organising a conference in my own institute, maintaining TAS program facebook, organising integration events between our students and foreign students, preparing for volunteering gig at a film festival next month, going back to learning French, and job search which includes weird 40-minutes phone conversations with recruitment officers carried out in Polish and English on weird subjects.

All in all, life is fun.

I also got addicted to X-box Kinect Dance Central, because whoever came up with the idea of turning exercise into a game where you get points and stars and levels was EVIL and a genius. Taking up running again too, after the winter break. Started with the treadmill and moving outside once it gets warmer.

I would get a life, but I have no time for it.

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