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Guess what? Yes, drabbles...

Again, for buffyverse1000



Strong fingers marking her skin, cold touch on her breast, low voice whispering dirty words into her ear...

Is it wrong that Fred doesn't want to be released when Angelus holds her closely?

She thinks how would it feel to be bent over the kitchen counter and she shivers.

She sees Charles and Wesley open their eyes in surprise, in disgust, she moans and purrs when Angelus' fingers caress her through her panties.

She feels his fangs scratch the white skin of her neck and she cries out his name.

Her head bangs against the bares as she comes, screaming her release.

She stares at the ceiling, in the comfiness of her bed, her hand still moist between her legs and she wonders what exactly is wrong with her.




Lorne watches him with mild curiosity as he asks for the song's list.

Nice voice, smooth and soft, with a strenght underneath... in Lorne's professional opinion second only to Alan's and everybody knows poor sod had to sell his soul for it... When the man produces his own guitar he knows they are in for a treat.

The man begins, fingers caressing the strings, and Lorne fans himself. Wooot, the flashes he gets are... and this... and holy mother of sounds, he has to steady himself against the bar, his eyes fixed on the stage.

When the man finishes Lorne scoots over quickly, whiskey in his hand as he grins widely. "Here, on the house, sweet thing..." he offers with a tingle of hope in his voice.


Bored, bored, bored....

And no, I'm not going to study. I'm going to study tomorrow... Today is for fun, and apparently, total boredom....


Tags: ats, btvs, fanfiction

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