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Pre-air pilots.

Since I am done with exams (well, there's one more on Monday, at the Jagiellonian, that is supposed to check if our college doesn't produce morons, but this is a formality, so there), I've decided to check out some tv series that I might or might not watch in the fall.

Some spoilers, but nothing pertaining to the plot twists or major developments. Mostly just impressions.

Nuh-uh. Not even giving it the usual three-episodes try. This is probably supposed to be a comedy, and I half-smiled once. It couldn't be more stereotypical and cliche even if it tried really, really hard.

"You know what's great about that, is that it's completely insane."

"Great. Let's go make some LSD."

Oooh, no one does Daddy Issues quite like JJ. Well, yes, Joss, but still. John Noble is made of awesome, and I loved Joshua Jackson in it, too.

Quite an interesting premise, even though the paranormal had been done to death and through the reanimation too. It was entertaining, though, right amount of drama, action, and comedy, and the twist was fun, too.

One to watch, even if it will be just for the Father and Son Crazy Show (Now, With Extra Cow). One to stop watching if it goes the usual JJ way and begins to be too one-plot-more-questions-asked-than-answered.

Oh, also. Loved the way the location subtitles are done.

And we have a winner, ladies and gentleman, the show I didn't expect that I instantly loved.

Love to all characters. Nathan is just my type, character-wise, but how awesome was Christian's Eliot? Glasses, and the hair, and the coffee cup! "That's what I do". HEE. And Leias with lightsabers! And the Bunny! And Sophie's performance on stage/off stage!

And it's fun and snarky and awesome. Not the deepest stuff ever, but FUN.


Rachel Lefevre is hot.

That's all that's good about this version.

Gimme the UK one, kthx.

"Not a goshdarn chance in heck."

Awww. Another winner. I loved Wendy to pieces, and I adore the Middle Man himself. And the entire show is wonderfully quirky and cracktastic, and so extremely fun.

Middle Man himself reminds me a lot of Carrot Ironfoundersson, from the Discworld, btw. And a bit of Fraser from Due South. Mostly, he's awesome.

And Wendy is goshdarn fantastic.

Watching, for sure.

Another one to watch (the list is growing bigger and bigger, apparently). It's superbly acted, and utterly fantastic.

Joseph Fiennes, whom I never cared for before, suddenly became genius.


Decent. Kellerman (sp?), who seems to be the main guy, is slightly irritating, but most of the rest of the cast is interesting and has great potential.

Would give it three episodes chance, but I'm giving it five, for J. August Richards (wow, he plays a lawyer. AGAIN), because I love J.

OMG it has credits. They look like placement credits for now, but it has them, and a song, a real credit sequence. (post-Lost too many shows just forego credits. That will not do, for I dearly love credits.)

And it's interesting. And definitely different than your usual vampire shows (for once, the vampire is not a detective. I know. Gasp.)

Four episodes, and we'll see.

So, that's what I did today, post-exam. Great fun. Can't wait for more pilots (Eleventh Hour, and Mentalist, and the Ex List, and the Castle, and finally, finally, Dollhouse, pretty please?)
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