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Because I'm bored and like to spam my flist, I present

This time, she knew better.

The R.J. thing only prooved she had a pure Summers taste in men - she chooses morons, loosers or idiots.

Well, okay, Xander wasn't an idiot... until he behaved as a typical man and left Anya.

Her crush on Spike? *So* gone... she wondered if it run in family, falling for vampires? Spike, and that Halloween incident she didn't want to think of... was she a total blonde, or just a little?

Now, she was going to fall in love with someone responsible. Maybe a little bit older, but not, like, 200 older. Someone smart... it was her sister who fall for morons - Angel sometimes looked as if he didn't know which shoe is left. And Riley? Psychology major her ass, he was a total dope.

Someone handsome, but not in a cute-boyish way... it was so passe these days. Someone who wouldn't leave her like all guys left Buffy, to wallow in her own misery.

Someone who wouldn't run away with his secretary, like Hank did, go to vampire bimbos, left her at the altar, go to L.A because he couldn't have sex, or try to rape her...

Dawn looked at her list suspiciously. Oh, and not a demon, nor evil. Not a member of government project that turned out to be creating a demon-hybrid army.

Not attractive just because of his jacket. Someone who would take care of her, and who would know of vampires and all that. Someone Buffy would like... it was annying, to go out with someone she would approve of, but otherwise she would be grounded, so...

Good voice, too. She always wanted someone who would play an instrument. Oh, and accent would be nice... part of her Spike crush was based on the way he spoke. It was nice. Not a werewolf. She didn't mind body hair, but so much? Puh-lease... Someone who wouldn't sacrifice her to demons, reptiles, prying mantisses or whatnot would be good.

She eyed the list again...

Only one name left. Well, okay....

She took her notebook out and started writing on the cover, with flowery script: 'Mrs. Rupert Giles.... Dawn Giles..... Dawn and Rupert Giles......'


So, another pairing I said I won't be writing is done... *g*

(Also, where is everyone? It seems awfully quiet here, unusually... I know some of you are in different time-zones, but....)

Tags: btvs, fanfiction

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