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One of the lates fics, written in response to Wench's 400 Challenge on GRB... (come to think of it, DaWench is personally responsible for lots of my fics....)

Pairing: That's the thing. I start a Giles story. Somewhere at the beginning B/G subtext appears. And then, at the middle subtext becomes text... I think I need help.

Rating: PG? Something? I don't get those ratings...

Oh, and... in my universe Giles was able to get the job in s4. I mean, come on!


"I don't know, Buffy. Can we leave that topic and move on to the prophecy?"

"No. How many?"

"I don't know. I hadn't counted them. Now, please, can we get back to the
business at hand? It's important."

"Fine" Buffy sat on the couch and looked at him, her arms crossed, pout
already forming on her lips. "So, how many?"

"I. don't. know. Buffy" he said slowly and sighed. She could be annoyingly
stubborn if she'd chosen so.

"I can help you count them" she volunteered sweetly.

"No, thank you, Buffy."

The door swung open and Willow marched inside, carrying donuts and books.
"So, how many?" she asked quickly, sitting next to Buffy.

"He doesn't know" Buffy said before Giles had a chance. "He hadn't counted
them yet."

"Oh" Willow thought for a moment. "We can count them for you!"

Giles stood slowly and went to the kitchen. Perhaps some tea would calm him.

Willow turned after him "Why won't you tell us?"

Giles muttered something, and Willow scrunched up her face "What did he

"Bad word" Buffy supplied. "I don't know what that mean, but we can ask
Spike later, he uses it."

"Okay. And you? How many?" Willow reached for a chocolate donut.

"Three. Spike, gave me wiggins. Xander, traditionally. And I don't know who,
but it was very sweet."

"Can I see it?"

Buffy handed her the item and listened to appopriate 'aww's' and 'ah's'.
"And you?" she asked.

"Tara. And Xander, of course."

They sat for a moment in silence, eating their donuts.


"Yes, Buffy?" he came inside the room.

"How many?"

He shook his head and sat down, reaching for a book.

"Cuz it's gotta be many, if you have to count them" Willow noticed. "I mean,
if it were three or four, it's easy to count, but over twenty you cannot
estimate easily, and have to count them, so it's aither many, or you're
very, very bad at math, and that can't be, because, you're like... Giles."

Both her companions gave her kind look, and Buffy slowly moved her coffee
away from her friend.

"Or, maybe none" Buffy announced suddenly. "And you don't want to say, so we
won't feel guilty that even we didn't give you one."

Giles gave her another look, but Willow shook her head. "I gave him one. So,
it's more than one. I'm sure Giles can count to more than one. And I know
Anya gave him one, so it's two. And Melissa from our psychology class,
that's three."

"What Melissa?" Buffy frowned. Her eyes narrowed and she glanced at Giles

"She's in Giles' Archeology class too. In the first row at every lecture.
Dark hair, very pretty" Willow supplied.

Buffy now watched Giles even more intently. Something in her expression
declared war.

"Say..." she started slowly, and a tone louder than before "are we training
today? Cuz I know just the right music..."

Giles gave her pleading look, but when it came to certain things even
butterflies in her stomach's weren't going to convince her to give up.

Even when they apparently had litttle chainsaws and Ripperish grins.

"And you know that red top of mine, the new one?" she says to Willow, but
her eyes never left Giles'. "I  think it will be perfect for training too."

Giles swallowed. If she was going to use such weapons... wasn't there some
international laws against these things?

"Of course, you know how hot it gets now on the afternoons" she continued,
Willow watching them both with wide eyes. "Maybe I should change grey
sweatpants for that black shorts? We were going to work on hand-to-hand
combat, so I have to be comfortable, right?"

"Four hundred."

"What?" Buffy frowned, getting her mind out of the visual... well, almost
out. "Four hundred what?"

"Oh my Goddess!" Willow squealed. "Four hundred?!"

Giles nodded slowly, still watching Buffy.

"But Giles, it's like... oh Goddess! You teach like... over 300 girls this
term, right? So, even if they all..."

"Some are from boys" he informed, not really aware of what he was saying,
lost in Buffy's eyes.

"Oh!" Willow sqealed again. "Oh!"

"And that nice Ms. Morimoto from laundry" he added.


"Four hundred?" Buffy asked, her gaze traveling over his body.

"Yes" he unconsciously leaned a little forward.

Buffy slowly reached to her bag and handed him pink envelope "Four hundred
and one."

He slowly opened it, still looking at her, then lowered his gaze to read it.
When he looked up again, it was with expression of joy and love Willow never
saw on his face.

She stood up slowly "Uhm... I'm going to leave you, guys... You sure have...
training and such..." she walked slowly backwards to the doors, tripping
over some loosely lying books. "Uhm... Bye. And uhm... Happy Valentine Day."

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