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Doctor Who 4x13 - the coherent reaction.

As much as I appreciate having two Tens on screen, this was obviously done only to have that bizarre case of having one's cake and eating it too - giving Rose a happy ending with her own Doctor, and having the Doctor move on as well.

And... it felt anticlimactic, to say the least. Doomsday scene broke me. This beach scene? Made me roll my eyes. Yes, pretty kissing, awww, and all, but seriously? Seriously?

I think I preferred the shipping when it wasn't onscreen.

Now, Donna. *That* hurt. Doctor!Donna was awesome, and the fact that the second Ten was a lot like Donna (great acting on Catherine's and David's part, btw, and incredibly fun) was even better. But you (well, I) just knew, the moment she became part Time Lord, that something horrible was going to happen to her. Because of course human bodies wasn't made to withstand that (echoes of Bad Wolf, btw), but of course it's Donna, not Rose, so she does not get the kiss to make it better, no.

And this is the moment that's breaking my heart, when she's screaming at the Doctor, begging him not to take it all away. Oh, Donna.

Also, notably: companions turned into weapons, by the Doctor, who hates guns. Ouch. Though, Martha, giving the Daleks one chance before using the key. So very Doctor. Pure win.

Now, what I loved about the episode: Wilfred. As always. Reference to Gwyneth and Gwen. Mickey and Jack (Mickey Mouse! Captain Cheesecake! HEE). Mickey and Martha apparently joining Torchwood. Reminder of Sarah Jane's past adventures and her meeting Davros. K9.

What I didn't love: Why the hell did Dalek Caan bring on the Daleks' Empire, if he only wanted to destroy it? Huh? Nuclear warheads and stuff.

Also, I wish RTD had guts to finally kill a main character. For real. It's not that I don't love everyone, because I do. But it starts to feel cheap, because you just know no one is in a real danger.

Mostly, I kinda miss Buffy and Angel. There, when they killed your beloved characters, you wanted to fucking scream. But it was good. Bring on the Dollhouse, I say.

And bring on the DW specials, too. So, who's the next companion?
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