Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Glory Days (aka Demontown)

Came in the mail recently, and I just got around to watch it.

Kevin Williamson's show that lasted only 9 episodes, about a writer of a tell-all book about his city and his dad's death (accident? not?), who comes back home. Featuring Eddie Cahill, and Poppy Montgomery. YOU KNOW, EDDIE CAHILL. Who is the sole reason I've spent money on three dvds without knowing a thing about the series.

But, just look at him:


Anyways, the show, originally titled "Glory Days" and apparently re-selled as "DemonTown" (luring people into thinking it a horror movie, which it's not...) is kind of fun. Mike, the writer (Cahill) gets involved in a series of murder investigations, while annoying his old friend Rudy (the sheriff) and flirting like it's going out of style with the coroner, Ellie (played by Poppy Montgomery, who is LOVE as well).

It may not be the best show ever, but it's fun, and has my new cutest OTP ever, and the heroine hates clowns, blows hot and cold in relationships, uses sarcasm as a defense strategy, and loves to use complicated words in flirting.


In other news, Doctor Horrible. Well, it is Joss' show, isn't it?
Tags: random insanity, tv

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