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Noelia's fics - listed for your and mine convenience



5 Death Scenes Fred Burkle Never Had, Fred, Fred/Wesley, Fred/Gunn, PG-13
5 fucks Faith never had (or maybe she did), Faith/various, R
Angel City, Wesley PI AU, R
Another Plan Foiled, Giles/Xander/Ethan, PG-13
A Place In Time, Wesley/Mal, PG-13
A Story of Shoes and Cookies, Giles/Buffy, G
Book Value, Giles/Wesley, NC-17
Burn the Bridges As You Cross Them, Giles, Giles/Faith, R
Cast Me Gently Into Morning, Giles/Tara, PG
Chinese Whispers, Giles, Giles/Faith, R
Click, Dawn/Fred, PG-13
Feels Like Home, Buffy/Giles, G
It's not stalking, if you happen to be in the same bar, Giles/Ethan, PG-13
Jingle Bells, Giles/Wesley, PG
Lines in the Sand, Illyria, PG-13
Love/Hate, Watcher/Slayer, Giles/Buffy, Faith/Wesley, PG-13
Love Will Leave You Bruised, Buffy/Faith, R
New Dawn, Dawn/Wesley, NC-17
Now I Know How Joan of Arc Felt, Lilah, Giles, Lilah/Wesley, R
One Of Those Epiphany Thingies, Giles/Buffy, PG
Playing God, Fred, Illyria, PG
Pulse, Giles/Faith, R
Rough Draft, Giles/Ethan, PG-13
Significance of a click, Fred, Fred/Gunn, Fred/Wesley, PG-13
Singularity, Cordelia/Gunn/Wesley, PG-13
Songs of Experience, Giles, Illyria, PG
Soul Music, Fred/Lilah, NC-17
Stranger Things, Giles/Wesley/Xander, PG
Stuck With You For A While, Simon/Wesley, PG
The Benefits of the Tropical Virus #298, Giles/Xander, PG-13
The May/December thing, Giles/Dawn, PG
The Pretenders, Giles/Wesley, PG
The Rules of the Smuggling Business, Gunn/Wesley, space AU, PG-13
Time and Place Fred/Inara, R
Uncharted, Illyria/Faith, PG-13
Under the Mistletoe, Giles/Xander, PG
Using the Library Computers, Rules of, Xander, Giles, Giles/Xander implied, PG


All the things never said, Bruce/Gordon, NC-17
Always, Bruce/Gordon, NC-17
Between: part one, two, three, Bruce/Harvey, PG
Could Have Been Worse, Bruce/Gordon, R
Drifting, Bruce/Gordon, Batman/Gordon, R
Ever Since, Bruce/Gordon, PG-13
First Times, Bruce/Gordon, NC-17
Guises, Bruce/Harvey, PG
Here Inside, Bruce/Gordon, R
Inside Out: part one, part two, Batman/Gordon, PG-13
Into Morning, Bruce/Gordon, NC-17 (link to the tag)
It's not a game, because there's no rules, Bruce/Harvey, R
Night Lights (link to the tag), Bruce/Gordon, NC-17 eventually.
Night Visit, Batman/Gordon, NC-17
Some Mornings Are Stranger Than Others, Bruce/Gordon, PG
Solid Ground (link to the tag), Bruce/Gordon, eventually R
Test Drive, Bruce/Gordon, R
That Place Inside Bruce/Gordon
Through the hole in the sky, Bruce/Gordon, NC-17
Through the holes in your veins, Batman/Gordon, NC-17
Time Will Tell, Gordon/Dent pre-slash, PG
Unexpected, Bruce/Gordon, NC-17
Unfold, Batman/Gordon, PG-13
What blurs and what is clear, Batman/Gordon, R
Work Hazards, Batman/Gordon, R


Collide, Mac/Stella/Flack, R
Conspiracy Theory, Danny/Lindsay, PG-13
Patterns, Hawkes, Hawkes/OFC, PG-13


First Times, Lee/Six, Lee/Kara

Veronica Mars

Just Like A Movie, Logan, Logan/Veronica, PG-13
Name Game, Logan, Logan/Veronica,

Star Wars

drabbe series Wedge Antilles, PG
drabbles Wedge Antilles, PG
Wrong, Mace Windu, multiple pairings, NC-17


After the Ever After, Discworld, Susan/Ella, R
Awkward, Good Omens, Aziraphale, Crowley, PG-13
Between You, Me, and a coffee cup, RPF, Natalie Portman/Christian Bale (f-locked)
Old as time, Galatea, New World, Rebecca/John Rolfe, G



Apokryf, gen, PG-13
Brudnopis, Giles/Ethan, PG-13
Danse Macabre, Giles, PG-13
Głuchy Telefon, Giles/Faith, R
Impresja, Darla/Drusilla, NC-17
Linie na Piasku, Illyria, Fred/Wesley, PG
Między okładkami, Angelus/Wesley, NC-17
Narzeczona Szejka, i inne powody do uprawiania seksu., Giles/Anya, PG-13
Nawet, jeśli Cię kocham..., Giles/Jenny, PG-13
Odłamki, Giles, Illyria, Fred, PG-13
Piosenka o Końcu Świata, Giles/Faith, implied Giles/Buffy i Giles/Faith, NC-17
Przesłodzone, Buffy/Giles, PG-13
Rytm, Buffy/Spike, R
Spal Za Sobą Wszystkie Mosty, Giles, Giles/Faith, R
To nie obsesja, jeśli przypadkiem jesteście w tym samym barze., Giles/Ethan, PG-13
Trzy Najgorsze Apokalipsy, gen, PG-13
untitled, Lilah, Giles, Lilah/Wesley
Zamykam oczy (i świat umiera), Fred/Wesley, PG-13
Zasady Korzystania Z Komputerów W Bibliotece, Xander, Giles, PG
Zasady (są po to by je łamać), Giles/Faith, NC-17


Niezręczna sytuacja, Dobry Omen, PG-13
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