Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

someone take away my:

1) credit card. Because I so NEED to start buying comics.

2) computer. Because I got into scans_daily and I am traumatised for life. LIFE.

Also, you know, my very first fandom was Star Wars. Yeah, the self-contradictory maze of sources, impossible storylines, strange villains and fucked-up heroes (and there was incest, too).

So it just figures my new obsession is Batman.

I totally blame Gary Oldman. I was FINE with liking Batman, having read Miller's Dark Knight and some of the golden age random issues, and having watched most of the animated series and future!Batman on Cartoon Network. FINE.

Damn this all to hell.

also, new layout, for those of you who hadn't seen
Tags: batman, noelia needs help, random insanity

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