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Fic: Night Lights (TDK, Gordon/Batman, part one)

Title: Night Lights (chapter one)
Pairing: Gordon/Batman, eventually.
Rating: PG for now, will go higher in later parts.
Summary: In Gordon's life, everything came secondary to the city.


Not two weeks after taking over the office, Gordon came to a sad realisation that the piles and heaps of paperwork mounting his desk weren't the worst part of life after promotion. Loeb was right, the job brought death threats and angry mail, but Gordon would take them gladly if it would mean he could beg off all the official appearances he was now obliged to make.

And there's a lot more of those than he had expected. The city is breathing freely again, Joker locked up, mob scattered. Their hero might be dead, the other turned villain, but in the grand scheme it doesn't matter, things are almost normal. The crime went on, of course, but it was the everyday kind, muggings, stolen cars, drug-related murders... something you see on the news and think 'it's not about me, it would never happen to me'. The worst, everyone imagined, was over, and the city celebrated, with parties and galas and fundraisers, and apparently, the Commissioner was getting invitations to most of them.

And apparently, when it came to some of them, as he has been informed by the Mayor, politely declining was out of the question. Claiming he had an important case or a hundred going on didn't help either.

Which might explain his current predicament, and the awful bow tie he had to wear. He really didn't like the bow tie.

He wasn't even entirely sure what this particular event was meant to raise money for, it could be anything, from orphans to dolphins. What mattered, apparently, was that 'everyone who was anyone' was supposedly in attendance, and it wouldn't be all that bad if Gordon met the right people, people making decisions on funds and resources and equipment.

But by the second hour, he had met them all, shook their hands, and managed some of the worst small talk he had ever been through, and that included all the attempts at small talk with Batman. Considering that Batman just walked away from small talk, it still was preferable. And by now, no one was really paying him any attention, as every available bit of it was concentrated on Bruce Wayne, who had arrived fashionably late, and in a company of not one but two rising pop princesses. His arrival, as Gordon had been told, in a hushed whisper, always both made and ended the party, because nothing more interesting was going to happen.

Gordon actually hoped this would be the case, especially considering the latest party the young man had thrown. He wasn't really looking for this kind of excitement.

Or, any. Which was why he made use of the commotion caused by Wayne's appearance and sneaked out to the balcony, wishing he had the foresight to take a pack of smokes with him.

Below him, the city going on with its nightlife, hopefully as peaceful as possible. On the far east side, he could hear the sirens, and his hand twitched over the pocket with his cellphone, but he willed himself to be calm. If anything, they knew how to reach him, and he made it perfectly clear that anything at all out of the ordinary, anything suspicious, he should be notified at once.

"Isn't it your night off, Commissioner?"

He turned towards the voice, grimacing slightly. It was one thing to be constantly surprised by a masked vigilante, but being caught off guard by Bruce Wayne of all people was downright embarrassing. "I'm not sure I know what a night off is," he offered, calling up a polite smile, and ending up on neutral. It should do.

Wayne laughed, a little harder than the poor joke warranted, but a little more genuine than Gordon had expected. "Maybe it would be a good time to find out?" he offered, and Gordon frowned at him, not exactly grasping the implication.

"I'm not sure..." he started, interrupted by the strange jingle Jimmy had installed on his cellphone a while back. "Excuse me," he offered, and snapped the phone open, ignoring the slight smirk on Wayne's face. He really needed to change the ringtone. At some point. "Gordon," he muttered to the receiver, and listened to his assistant for a moment. "I'll be right there. Tell them not to do anything before I'm there," he ordered before disconnecting.

"Sounds serious," Wayne offered, with some concern, and Gordon nodded, sighing, and pushed his glasses higher onto his nose.

"Just a normal night," he muttered, turning to walk out. "It's been nice meeting you," he offered absently, and didn't look back.

part two
Tags: batman, fanfic, gordon/batman, night lights

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