Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Fic: Night Lights (TDK, Gordon/Batman, part five)

Title: Night Lights (chapter five)
Pairing: Gordon/Batman, eventually.
Rating: PG for now, will go higher in later parts.

prologue part one part two part three part four

It was three days before Gordon had a moment to go up to the roof again. The night air had grown colder; the summer was drawing to a close, and you could feel it. Gordon leaned against the railing and took a sip of his coffee, watching the stream of lights move through the streets below.

To be honest, he was kind of hoping the Batman would show up tonight. The last few days had been quiet, almost peaceful, and the worst Gordon had to face was the pile of paperwork on his desk that never seemed to get smaller no matter how much of it he went through. Nothing that warranted an appearance from the Batman had happened, but... it would be good to know that everything was alright. And really, Gordon wondered, when did he start to worry like that about the Bat?

A soft noise behind him caused him to spin on his heel, but instead of the dark looming shadow he had expected, he came face to face with Bruce Wayne.

Who smiled apologetically, and ran his hand through his hair. "Sorry, didn't want to startle you, Commissioner. Your assistant told me to come up here. Apparently, when you're not in your office, that's the place to look for you," he said, and Gordon frowned at his tone, warm and quietly amused.

"What can I do for you, Mr Wayne?" he asked, and after a pointed look from the man, shrugged, smiling. "Fine. What can I do for you, Bruce?"

Bruce gave his most cheerful smile, and Gordon couldn't help but keep on smiling back. It was a little bit scary, but mostly just astonishing, how contagious the man's good mood was. "Well, I would love a coffee, but mostly, I came with this," he offered, holding up a manilla folder with Wayne Enterprises logo on the cover. "I talked to Lucius Fox about my crime lab idea, and he liked it a lot. It turns out Wayne Enterprises makes quite a lot of lab equipment, I was happy to learn."

Gordon took the file, looking at Bruce suspiciously. "That's a happy coincidence," he said wryly, and Wayne nodded enthusiastically.

"I thought so too. I had Fox put together a proposal which, if you accept, we'll start implementing next week. What do you think?"

The first two pages of the file already had Gordon's eyebrows rise so high he was sure they met his hairline. "I think you're being very generous, Mr Wayne."

"Bruce," the young man corrected. "Nonsense. Fox says it's going to be excellent PR for us, and Accounting is giddy at the thought of the tax deductions."

Gordon studied him for a moment, from the immaculate suit to a perfect smile. A smile more genuine than he had seen Wayne offer on other occasions, but still one that didn't quite match the look in his eyes. Maybe it was Gordon's cop instinct, but something about the man wasn't quite so obvious as it seemed, and it intrigued him. Yes, he'd go with the cop instinct. Other reasons would be... cop instinct. Good.

He relaxed a little and smiled dryly. "Are you trying to tell me that it's the police department doing you a favour, then, not the other way round?"

Bruce laughed with a surprised delight. "Precisely, Commissioner."

"How generous of us."

Wayne nodded. "Indeed it is. Maybe in return, I could buy you another cup of coffee? Seems this one is quite cold now," he said, gesturing at Gordon's cup. Probably sensing Gordon's hesitation, he added softly. "Come on, Commissioner. Maybe you could check out the novel idea of a night off."

Gordon nodded, slowly. "Jim," he corrected. "Or Gordon, if you prefer. Fine, but it better be a good coffee," he said, trying to ignore the nagging thought that he might have just agreed to go out with Bruce Wayne. Surely this was not the case.

part six
Tags: batman, fanfic, gordon/batman, night lights

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