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Fic: Night Lights (TDK, Gordon/Batman, part six)

Title: Night Lights (chapter six)
Pairing: Gordon/Batman, eventually.
Rating: PG for now, will go higher in later parts.

prologue part one part two part three part four part five

As much as he still wasn't convinced the da... meeting was such a good idea, Gordon had to admit that the flailing display from the barista at his usual coffee shop was damn entertaining. Probably something that Bruce Wayne had to face on regular basis, but it still amused Gordon greatly.

"You can stop smiling now," Bruce said dryly as they took their seats in a secluded booth.

"Oh, I don't think I will," Gordon shrugged and took a sip of coffee, sighing contentedly. Much better than the one he had at his office, and a thousand times better than the one from the vending machine. He caught Bruce's gaze and frowned. "What is it?"

Wayne shook his head, his eyes still a little wide. "Nothing."

And here it was, the thought that Gordon had been carefully avoiding for the last fifteen minutes, or maybe even longer; since the lunch, or even the party. The thought seemed ridiculous at first, as this was Bruce Wayne and he was still Jim Gordon, commissioner or not, but now he wasn't so sure.

Of course, maybe another crazed madman had added some toxin to the water main. That would certainly explain a lot.

Starting with the fact that once they started talking, conversation with Bruce Wayne was actually engaging. And Gordon was certain that this wasn't something that occurred daily. Not only the invitation for a coffee part, but also the way Bruce's carefree mask had slipped, revealing a keen intellect. Somehow, Jim thought, Bruce had trusted him enough not to pretend. And this was extremely disconcerting.

"Tell me something," Gordon said during one of the pauses, as they both took sips of their coffees. "And no deflecting, if you please."

Bruce nodded and leaned back in his seat, waiting.

"Why are you here?" The 'with me' part was left unsaid, but Gordon knew it was understood.

"Well for one, the coffee is excellent," Bruce grinned, and raised his hand in defensive gesture. "I know, sorry. It's a habit." He paused for a moment, looking at the cup in his hand as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. "You work too much. Should take the night off every now and then."

Gordon was about to protest the change of topic, but then Bruce looked up at him. Not a redirection, then. An answer.

"For the record," he said slowly, downing the rest of his coffee. "I think you're quite insane."

Bruce laughed at that, shaking his head, eyes brightened. "So I've been told."

"As long as you're aware of that," Gordon muttered, smiling.

They continued through another round of coffee, until Gordon glanced at his watch and grimaced, realising it was just about six hours 'til he was supposed to be at work again. And even though he didn't exactly have a boss who would grumble at any tardiness, he was not going to be late anyway.

Bruce nodded with understanding, and stood up as well. "I'll walk you to your car."

Gordon was a little afraid this might happen, and yet he was unexpectedly glad when it did. The toxin theory was definitely becoming more and more plausible. Maybe he should order tests, once they got the proper equipment.

As they got to the car Gordon turned, nodding. "Thank you." He should get in, say goodnight, and drive away. Any minute now.

"Tomorrow?" Bruce asked, and if Gordon wasn't mistaken, he was licking his lips. For god's sake, what was Gordon supposed to do with that? "Lunch?"

Gordon shook his head. "Meeting with the new lieutenant in charge of the MCU."


"I've promised the Mayor I'll put an appearance at the fundraiser at..."

"You're not making this easy," Bruce interrupted, shaking his head. "You really do work too much." He paused, considering. "We'll have to do something about that."

Jim really didn't have anything to say to that. They stood like that for a while, inches apart, until Bruce moved closer; close enough that Gordon was sure he could hear his heartbeat speed up. It rang in his ears, pulse racing. He shifted uncomfortably, and Bruce blinked, then moved away.

"Good night, Commissioner," he offered softly, and Gordon nodded, smiling.

"Good night, Mr Wayne," he said before getting into his car, starting the engine, and driving away.

part seven
Tags: batman, fanfic, gordon/batman, night lights
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