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Fic: Night Lights (TDK, Gordon/Batman, part ten)

Title: Night Lights (chapter ten)
Pairing: Gordon/Batman, eventually.
Rating: R, for now.
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A/N: I really thought I wasn't going to manage today, the day has been crazy. But here it is, and the rating, as you see, went a little up ;). I'm really anxious to hear what you think :)

It was quite puzzling that, even with the sign gone, Batman promptly appeared whenever Gordon was wishing he would, whether it was up on the roof of the police station or outside Gordon's house.

"Do I even want to know how much illegal surveillance you have installed?" Gordon asked without turning.

"It's not illegal," Batman replied matter-of-factly.

Gordon nodded. He had suspected at much, and the thought of anyone, even the Bat, hacking into the city's CCTV system was definitely not a comforting one. "No, just you using it is," he sighed.

"How is he?" Batman asked after a moment.

So he knew about that as well, Gordon mused. Somehow it had ceased to surprise him. "He's no Harvey Dent," he shrugged, recalling his earlier meeting with the new DA. "But maybe he'll actually get to finish his term," he added bitterly. The memory of Dent still stung, in more ways than one. "But I suppose you already know all about him."

Batman didn't deny it, just tilted his head a little. "He'll do, for now. But the city needs more."

"Oh, a hero, you mean? There was someone," he said pointedly. They'd had that discussion before, and it never went anywhere. Jim shrugged. "In other news, another robbery last night: this time thankfully without fuss and without victims."

"Diamonds?" Batman asked, and shook his head at Gordon's nod. "That makes three. A trap might be in order."

Gordon rolled his eyes. "Isn't this a little beyond your… well, the word jurisdiction doesn't really fit, but you know what I mean." Batman didn't answer. "Everyone needs a hobby, I suppose," Jim muttered. "You have any diamonds lying around to use as bait?"

"I have my sources."

Of course he did. "Just keep me in the loop for once?" he asked without much hope, and was surprised when Batman nodded.

"I will," he said, and stepped back into shadows, disappearing.

Apparently there was a first for everything, Gordon thought. Lately the Bat puzzled him even more than usual, and that was an achievement. Of course the world in general was doing its best to be as baffling as possible, starting with - but not limited to - one Bruce Wayne.

The flask was standing next to the sink, rinsed off. Bruce's bringing it to his office was unexpected to say the least. Gordon hadn't yet stopped to wonder what earned him the attention: a seasoned cop, even the commissioner, was as far from Bruce Wayne's usual choice of models and actresses and ballerinas as humanly possible, but apparently it was happening.

And fuck was it happening. Just the memory of the kiss was intoxicating, making him hard. And right now, it was too late, and he was too tired to fight it, to have any sensible thoughts push away the memory of Bruce's mouth on his, teeth pulling at his lower lip, of the sounds... god, the sounds.

He made his way to the bedroom, onto his bed, remembering the way Bruce's tongue licked at his mouth, imagining that tongue moving elsewhere. He reached to undo his pants, slowly stroking himself through the material, wondering how Bruce's hand would feel doing the same. Which smile would accompany the actions, the suave playboy grin, or the crooked, honest smile he wore when they were alone?

The last conscious thought he had before he threw his head back in abandon was that the lunch tomorrow was going to be... interesting.

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Tags: batman, fanfic, gordon/batman, night lights

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