Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Fic: Night Lights (TDK, Gordon/Bruce, epilogue)

Title: Night Lights (epilogue)
Pairing: Gordon/Bruce.
Rating: PG
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The night was unusually cold, even for the time of the year. Gordon pulled his coat tighter around himself and took a sip of his coffee. It was still hot enough to burn his lips and tongue, but he didn't mind. His eyes followed an ambulance down the length of the street.

He leaned against the railing, turning the mug in his hands.

"You do know you can actually call me now?" a low voice behind him asked; not quite the Batman's official growl, but close. "You don't have to wait here."

Gordon turned, shrugging. "I like it here," he smiled. "And it lets me escape the paperwork for a moment," he added, getting a small smirk in return. "Besides, you still show up too.”

Batman smiled. It was still a new thing: Gordon was used to the impassioned expression, or even a scowl. But it was a nice change. "It has some... rewards," he said, drawling the last word in a true Bruce Wayne style, and Gordon sent him a look.

"Didn't I tell you not to do that when you're wearing the suit?" It wasn't that he minded, not really, but the point was that the suit was frankly not designed for certain activities. And they did learn that the hard way.

Bruce nodded. "When did I ever listen?" he shrugged, and Gordon couldn't help a smile.

Absently, he ran his fingers along the railing. "I was just thinking," he said, pointedly ignoring the line of conversation. This wouldn't lead to anything good, or rather, anything decent. And the rooftop of the police station wasn't the best place for... They learned that the hard way too. "Next light, we're getting a stronger glass. One that doesn't break so easily."

Batman looked at him, his head tilted to the side, considering. "You don't put a sign for a wanted vigilante, Jim."

Gordon smirked. "I could try," he offered, then shrugged, looking down at the lights in the streets. "The city has to wise up at some point."

There was no answer, as Batman moved to stand next to him, his gloved hand covering Jim's.

After a while, Gordon sighed. "I should go. For some unfathomable reason I was requested to attend yet another gala tonight. I really suspect a city-wide conspiracy."

Of all the ways Batman could look, innocent had never been one of them. He nodded. "Guilty as charged. What can I say? It's the bow tie. I can't help it."

Jim rolled his eyes again, but he was smiling.

* * *

A/N: So, this is the end, folks. Not of the story, just of the fic. The story will go on, in a sequel, and a few other things that I have planned, or have already started.

This is, at over ten thousand words, the longest fic I've ever written, and I think it was the most fun one. Thank you all who were here along for the ride, your comments made my day, every single time.

Thank you, especially, for the_summoning_d for the beta work, it's because of her that many things make sense in the fic :)

And great thank you to juana_a and kubis for distracting, listening, helping, poking, scaring me, and generally demanding I wrote more and faster and now. This story is for you.

ETA: The story has a sequel now.
Tags: batman, fanfic, gordon/batman, night lights

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