Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

First Times (Usually Lead To Seconds), part four

Title: First Times (Usually Lead To Seconds)
Rating: PG-13 (for this part)
Pairing: Bruce/Gordon
A/N: It will be a few days before the next part, as tomorrow after work I'm off to have a social life, and I'll be gone till Sunday ;).

He's back to counting the firsts, so there. And the first date started with him in Gordon's office, almost causing a heart attack in his assistant. Gordon, however, just raised his eyebrow.

"Weren't you supposed to call?" he asked, and Bruce nodded.

"Possibly. But I wasn't sure you would actually say yes to dinner plans," he offered, shrugging. It might be a novel approach, yes, certainly an unorthodox one, and some people might call it insane (thank you, Alfred), but it didn't really differ in that manner from other things he managed to pull off on daily, or nightly, basis. "Besides, I was told my scheming ways were attractive."

"I said 'kind of'," Jim muttered, but he was already reaching for his jacket. "And you are also kind of lucky that I'm very hungry," he added, his smile belying the seemingly casual tone.

Bruce smiled back, then frowned slightly. "Are you really free? I'm springing up the plans on you, and maybe your daughter..."

"Her mother picked her up earlier today," Gordon said. "I'm entirely at your disposal," he added, watching Bruce's reaction with a small smirk. Honestly, it was not playing fair. "Speaking of my daughter, however," Gordon continued as they made their way to the elevator, "you've made quite an impression yesterday, with the book, and the theatre box. Fair warning, if she develops a crush on you, you're paying the therapy bill."

Bruce grimaced at the thought. "Deal." Maybe his imaginary therapist could help. She was racking up a really impressive imaginary bill.

"And of course," Gordon continued as they walked up to the newest Ferrari (replaced the Ferrari Bruce had accidentally crashed against a runaway vehicle of a bunch of bank robbers. For some reason, things like that kept happening to Bruce Wayne), turning a little to look at Bruce, "If she does develop a crush on you, I'll have to shoot you."

The tone was just as serious as when Gordon was discussing strategy with Batman, and it took Bruce a few seconds to laugh. "Is it a rule?"

"I believe so. Shoot the first one, and make sure the news gets around. She won't be dating until she's at least thirty."

"Good luck with that plan," Bruce snorted, and Gordon nodded sadly.

"Quite so."

The car moved smoothly through the streets, and they fell into a comfortable silence. Jim let his head fall back a little, eyes half closed, and Bruce willed himself to look at the road, not to his side. "If you're tired..." he started, and Gordon snorted, not moving.

"You know, for someone supposedly wanting a date, you are taking every possible opportunity to back out."

Bruce rolled his eyes. "I was just making sure you won't fall asleep halfway through it. That wouldn't be very flattering. And did you say date?"

"Oh, it might just as well be," Gordon sighed theatrically.

"The enthusiasm is overwhelming," Bruce noted, as the car pulled into the garage.

Gordon smiled, turning slightly, waiting for Bruce to park in the row of other flashy cars, and turn off the engine, before he undid his seat belt and shifted closer, leaning over the gear shift to Bruce's side, his breath warming Bruce's lips before they were caught in a soft kiss. This time, however, Bruce was prepared, coaxing Jim's mouth open, licking at the corner of his mouth, the place that infuriating smirk usually resided. At some point, he couldn't say when, his fingers tangled in Jim's shirt, tie caught between them, pulling him even closer.

Jim broke the kiss first, moving away just enough for his words to resonate against Bruce's lips. "Enthusiastic enough?"

"It's a start," Bruce muttered.
Tags: batman, fanfic, first times, gordon/batman

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