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So... I'm bored.

And I was planning new rpg I'm going to be MGing soon.... And as usually got carried away and did promo pictures for it.

You wanna see?



So, it's a Star Wars rpg, sometime before the Thrawn Trilogy, which makes it around 8 years after New Hope, but I've messed with storyline somehow... it's not like anyone really would get it *g*. It's me who is obsessed with SW, not my players, so... well, okay, one would notice, but who cares *L*.


 Amy Acker as Noelia Gin.

Yes, it is a Mary Sue... actually, Noelia was the first character I've ever played, and that's how my nickname came to be.... I've figured out that I can play her one more time *g*. She's a smuggler and a Corellian, of course, she's Force-sensitive, but not much... more like an occasional 'bad feeling about this' than levitating the rocks... Sympathizes with Alliance, though it won't stop her from working for the Empire.

 Michelle Rodriguez as Cala Jane.

That's cala_jane 's Mary Sue... Well, rpg, the classical kind is all about Mary-Sueing, isn't it? Well, and even if it isn't, it's our game so we can Mary-Sue all we want, damnit. Cala Jane is a smuggler too, and it's really wise to not let her get close to any kind of explosives... things have a tendency to blow up around her....

 Josh Holloway as Aves

The canon Aves is a smuggler in a Talon Karrde's organisation... That's still true. But apart from that, I've remade the character completely, and I won't write more, cuz... well, players reading...

 Nicholas Brendon as Lt. Saan Breven.

Imperial Lt., mind you...

 Amber Benson as Aileen Marionfar

She's definitely the most enigmatic character around. Seemingly on the side of Rebel Alliance, Aileen has her secrets and her ultimate goal is unknown....

also starring: Naveen Andrews as Jas Ceno, Don S. Davis as Councillor Sanathan and special guest star *g* Alexis Denisof as Wedge Antilles because I can *L*.

That's gonna be fun *L*


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