Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

My show, it is back!

God, I've waited whole day to for this, in the sense that I dloaded in the morning, but had to go run errands. But I've also waited the entire summer for this, because the other shows are all fun and pretty, but this is my show, this is the show I love beyond all else.

And it's awesome, as always.

I love Mac, with his concussion, and his amnesia, and being drowsy and out of sorts the entire episode (and honestly, Gary Sinise pulls it off without overacting, without any dramatic gestures, he just looks so damn tired, and it's perfect and fantastic). And then he's Mac, and he's workaholic, and not sleeping, and obsessed with the case, and then oh, so awesome with the ending line.

I love Stella, with her irritation at Mac, and her bravery, and her sheer win. And Flack, with family issues and being overprotective, and I'm curious about his sister, and hoping for more of the family. And I love Danny for once initiating the demonstration/reconstruction, as if to pull Mac out of the wooziness. And I love Lindsay, with her demonstrations, and cuteness. And Hawkes, with his new glasses, and care for Mac, and insisting Mac comes to him if anything happens. And Adam, being assertive, and really damn scared of Mac but standing up for his choices and his actions.

And I love that the show stays true to the themes, and, most of all, shows all the characters as a family.

I'm so glad it's back. I missed you, show.
Tags: csi:ny, reactions, tv

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